Viral: Bird Attacks A Food Delivery Drone, And The Internet Reacts

A customer who was waiting for his beverage to be delivered to his home captured the situation on video.

Viral:  Bird Attacks A Food Delivery Drone, And The Internet Reacts
A Bird Attacks A Food Delivery Drone, And The Internet Reacts

Isn't it wonderful to have excellent cuisine delivered right to your door? You place your order with a single click and have your favourite cup of coffee or pastry brought to your door. Many of us find it extra funnier when meal delivery companies use a flying drone to deliver food to our homes. However, if there are ravens around, air delivery can be difficult. A video from Canberra, Australia's capital city, has gone viral on the internet, showing a raven battling a delivery drone. The drone is seen hovering in the sky when a raven, a bird slightly bigger than a crow, attacks it.

The bird can be seen preaching on the drone's back and grappling with it for quite some time in the video. Then it begins frantically pecking at the drone. In this case, the drone drops the package at a higher altitude than usual. The bird eventually flies away. Ben Roberts was the one who shot the footage. When he witnessed the raven attack the drone, he was waiting for his order to arrive via air delivery. He videotaped the whole thing and posted it on YouTube.

This unexpected turn of events stunned viewers. In these days of increased air traffic, one person expressed concern about birds. "Finally, human beings disturb birds in this regard as well... not allowing birds to fly," he wrote. 

Another audience member made a joke about the beverage being delivered. It said, "Here's your coffee, stirred... and shaken." 

According to reports, a delivery drone company had to halt operations in several parts of the city due to drone attacks by birds. Wing, a drone delivery company that collaborates with Google, had to temporarily suspend delivery services. “As is common during nesting season, certain bird species demonstrate territorial behaviour and swoop at moving objects,” a spokesman was quoted as saying.

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