Taj Employee Shared Umbrella With A Stray Dog Gets A Shout-Out From Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata, an industrialist, stated that gestures like this go a long way, especially during the rainy season.

Taj Employee Shared Umbrella With A Stray Dog Gets A Shout-Out From Ratan Tata
Taj Employee Shared Umbrella With A Stray Dog Gets A Shout-Out From Ratan Tata

Monsoons are notorious for wreaking havoc. Long before the rains cause havoc on humans, the rains have a significant influence on the countless creatures who reside on our county's streets. And, in these trying times, a little thought on our part can go a long way toward assisting the animals. An employee of the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai was captured on camera sharing an umbrella with a stray dog during a rainstorm. The photo quickly went viral on social media, catching the attention of Tata Group Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata. The Tata Group owns and operates the hotel. 

Mr Tata captioned the photo on his Instagram account, "Sharing comfort with the strays this monsoon." While it was pouring fiercely, this Taj employee was kind enough to share his umbrella with one of the many stray dogs. Amid the rush and bustle of Mumbai, a wonderful moment was filmed. With a love emoji, I said, "Gestures like these go a long way for stray animals." 

The social media post drew the attention of Ratan Tata's fans, who flocked to the comments section to congratulate him on his good deed.

Content creator and model, Scherezade Shroff shared some information about the adorable dog in the picture. She wrote, “That's Speedy. At least that what all the Taj boys call this good boy.” Another user wrote, “Man with a golden heart,” while many others flooded the comments section with heart and heart-eye emojis.

With over a million 'likes' on the photo-sharing platform, the image has gone viral. Ratan Tata, the industrialist, is well-known for his fondness for dogs. Because of the 83-year-love old's for dogs, Bombay House, Tata Group's worldwide headquarters, has a unique kennel dedicated to stray dogs in the region. 

Mr Tata has a favourite among the several dogs who live here: Goa, a black and white dog. "He was a stray puppy when he got into my colleague's car in Goa, and came all the way to Bombay House, hence the name Goa," Mr Tata said in an Instagram post last year, explaining the origin of his furry friend's unusual name. Mr Tata's had earlier even referred to Goa as the "friend" he looked forward to meeting at the office, every day.