RSS Responds to 'Anti-National Infosys' Article: 'Not Our View'

Sunil Ambekar, a spokesperson for RSS, tweeted that the views expressed in the Panchjanya post on tax website issues in Infosys projects are the author's, not the organizations.

RSS Responds to 'Anti-National Infosys' Article: 'Not Our View'
RSS Responds to 'Anti-National Infosys' Article: 'Not Our View'

Panchjanya, a Sangh-affiliated publication, questioned whether an "anti-national" plot could be to blame for glitches on India's tax-filing portals, which are managed by Infosys Ltd.

In the latest edition of the journal linked to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a four-page cover story on the Bengaluru-based firm founded by Narayana Murthy asked whether "anti-national power is trying to hurt India's economic interests through it".

Sunil Ambekar, a spokesperson for the RSS, tweeted today that the views expressed in the post are those of the author, not the organisation. 

"Infosys has made a significant contribution to India's prosperity as an Indian firm. There may be some faults with an Infosys portal, but the article published by Panchjanya in this context just reflects the author's personal perspective "Mr Ambekar stated the following. 

"Panchjanya is not the RSS's mouthpiece, and the aforementioned article or the thoughts expressed in it should not be associated with the RSS," he said.

Panchjanya's editor Hitesh Shankar said the publication "stands firm" with the report. "If Infosys has objections, it should present its side by urging for a more thorough investigation of these facts in the interest of the company... Some elements are mentioning RSS in this episode due to vested interests. Remember, this report is not related to the Sangh, the report is about Infosys. It is a matter of facts and facts relating to the incompetence of the company," Mr Shankar tweeted.

In a meeting with Infosys CEO Salil Parekh last month, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman expressed "serious disappointment" over ongoing failures on the company's new income tax system and gave him until September 15 to remedy all concerns. 

After the portal went down for two days in a row, the Infosys CEO was "summoned." Even two-and-a-half months after the website's launch - which, the minister reminded out, was also delayed - the Finance Minister had emphasised the government's and taxpayers' worries over continued difficulties. Ms Sitharaman demanded an explanation from Infosys for the "repeated difficulties" that taxpayers had encountered.

According to an article in Panchjanya, Infosys' goods and services tax (GST) and income tax return websites have difficulties "The public's faith in the country's economy has eroded. Is it possible that anti-national elements are attempting to harm India's economic interests through Infosys?" 

The storey said that while it lacked evidence to back up its claims, Infosys had previously been accused of aiding "Naxalites, lefties, and tukde-tukde gangs," according to the news. Infosys is a large company, according to Panchjanya editor Hitesh Shankar, and it is managing crucial government projects due to its credibility."The glitches in these tax portals are of national concern and those who are responsible for them should be held accountable," Mr Shankar said, PTI reported.