Man In Aryan Khan's Viral Selfie Is... Minister's Claim in Maharashtra

The Narcotics Control Bureau nabbed Aryan Khan and seven others on Monday. A court-ordered their detention to be extended until Thursday.

Man In Aryan Khan's Viral Selfie Is... Minister's Claim in Maharashtra
Man In Aryan Khan's Viral Selfie Is... Minister's Claim in Maharashtra

A Maharashtra Minister claimed today that the man who took a famous selfie with Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan following his imprisonment in the Mumbai drugs-on-cruise case is a private investigator, wondering how two outsiders were allowed inside the Narcotics Control Bureau's operation. 

Private detective KP Gosavi, according to Nawab Malik, a senior Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader, was seen holding Aryan Khan's hand and taking him to the NCB office on Sunday. Manish Bhanushali, a BJP Vice President, was also seen in the raids, according to Mr Malik. He claimed that this demonstrated the BJP's role in "maligning Maharashtra with a bogus drug bust." 

"Our claim is that the BJP has been defaming Maharashtra for the past year. Manish Bhanushali and Gosavi's profiles have been locked. In Delhi and Gujarat, who did Manish Bhanushali meet? In what capacity is he there at an NCB raid? NCB is being used by the BJP to defame Maharashtra "According to Nawab Malik. 

Both guys were identified as "independent witnesses" to the raids by the anti-drug agency."The accusations are false. NCB emphasises that its procedure has been and continues to be legal, professional, and neutral "NCB officer Gyaneshwar Singh stated. On Monday, Aryan Khan, his companion Arbaaz Merchant, and six other people were arrested. 

The unidentified man's selfie with Aryan Khan, taken when he looked to be alone and without legal representation, was the first public confirmation that the superstar's son had been imprisoned. 
After first denying that the smiling selfie-taker was one of their troops, the anti-drugs agency has now designated Gosavi as a "panchnama witness," or independent witness, to the searches.

In several videos, Mr Bhanushali is seen holding the hand of Arbaaz Merchant as the convoy led by zonal NCB director Sameer Wankhede made its way to the anti-drugs office from the cruise ship after several people were detained Saturday night on allegations of consuming drugs.
The BJP dodged queries about Mr Bhanushali's role, accusing Maharashtra's government of playing politics. 

"There will be numerous subjects to politicise, but we should not politicise the issue of drugs, which affects our country's future generations," BJP spokesperson Ram Kadam said. Anti-drugs officials said they recovered 13 grammes of cocaine, five grammes of MD, 21 grammes of charas, and 22 pills of Ecstasy, as well as $1.33 lakh, during raids on a cruise ship rave party on Saturday night. 

Aryan Khan was confirmed to be drug-free. Incriminating data was discovered in his WhatsApp discussions, according to the FBI, which told the court. Investigators yesterday told a court the case had seen twists and turns worthy of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes books.