'It Never Showed On Screen,' Ravi Dubey Talks Of His Fallout With Nia Sharma

Ravi Dubey talked about how he and his Jamai Raja co-star Nia Sharma had a falling out years ago and how they are now great friends.

'It Never Showed On Screen,' Ravi Dubey Talks Of His Fallout With Nia Sharma
'It Never Showed On Screen,' Ravi Dubey Says Of His Breakup With Nia Sharma

Ravi Dubey talked about his argument with Nia Sharma years ago and how she is now one of the people in the television industry who he is "fondest" of. He also complimented her on remaining loyal to herself, regardless of what others may think. 

During the taping of their show Jamai Raja, Ravi and Nia couldn't get along. They've put their issues aside and are now excellent friends.
Speaking to Bollywood Bubble, Ravi reflected on his fight with Nia and said, “It’s just by the virtue of working together for all these years. Both me and Nia, we handled that grey area in our relationship with a lot of grace and professionalism. It never showed on screen that we weren’t necessarily talking to each other.”

“I think it was largely to do with how we would approach work. I am highly rehearsal-obsessed but Nia is a very spontaneous actor, which works in her favour beautifully. I don’t know how that friction started, I don’t have a clear memory of it, but I am guessing this would be the reason. But now, Nia is the one person in the industry that I am the fondest of and I think she has this candid, uninhibited nature, which is very rare. People mostly project something which is a more likeable version of themselves, Nia ke baare mein sabse achchi baat jo hai woh hai ki (Nia’s best quality is that) she doesn’t care,” he added.

Nia had told Hindustan Times that her relationship with Ravi had deteriorated to the point that they were ready to kill each other.' She said that Zee TV was forced to intervene and act as a mediator between them. Earlier this year, Ravi and Nia were seen together in the second season of Jamai 2.0, a digital spin-off of their show. Zee5 broadcasted the show.