Ex-Top Cop Parambir Singh's Facetime ID Is 'Balaji Kurkure': An Investigation Is Underway

In connection with the inquiry into the death of businessman Mansukh Hiren, the NIA has written to Apple, the maker of the iPhone

Ex-Top Cop Parambir Singh's Facetime ID Is 'Balaji Kurkure': An Investigation Is Underway
Ex-Top Cop Parambir Singh's Facetime ID Is 'Balaji Kurkure': An Investigation Is Underway

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh, who is being investigated in connection with the Antilia bomb scare case and the murder of businessman Mansukh Hiren, allegedly communicated through his phone using the FaceTime ID 'Balaji Kurkure,' according to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is investigating the case. 

An intelligence official told the NIA that the ID on Param Bir Singh's iPhone was created in his office in April during the probe. According to a charge sheet, the ID was dubbed 'Balaji Kurkure' because a package of the brand's snack was held in Param Bir Singh's workplace when it was formed. 

Because there was no network within Param Bir Singh's DG Home Guard office, the individual who was activating the Facetime ID came outside to enter the ID and password, according to the intelligence officer's statement to the NIA. "I entered the password, Kurkure was my first name, and Balaji was my last name when I created the iPhone ID. He used this name because there was a Balaji Kurkure pack in the office at the time "explained the officer.

In connection with the investigation into the death of Mansukh Hiren - the businessman who owned the car in which the gelatin sticks were planted near the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani in February this year - the NIA has written to Apple, the maker of the iPhone, asking them to look into several email IDs and accounts in connection with the probe. 

The investigation agency has been piecing together different web accounts in an attempt to uncover the conspiracy surrounding Mansukh Hiren's death. The NIA suspects that former encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma and discharged police officer Sachin Waze were the main conspirators in the case. The NIA has recorded the intelligence officer's comments in relation to the online accounts it is examining. 

The intelligence official is also said to have confirmed that a cyber expert was given 5 lakh to falsify a report and claim that a terror group, Jaish-Ul-Hind, was responsible for the explosives (gelatin sticks) planted near Mr Ambani's Antilia home. 

Mr Singh requested the study, which he stated will be shared with the NIA, according to the cyber expert. The report was supposed to be kept hidden because the Delhi Police were also looking into the terror group's role in another case, but it was leaked the next day.

While the NIA has not stated what role Param Bir Singh played in the conspiracy, if any, the charge sheet contains several witness statements indicating that the former Mumbai top cop was involved in spreading the claim that a terror group was behind the placement of explosives near Mr Ambani's home, a theory that the NIA has dismissed. Other witnesses said that Param Bir Singh met the accused a day after Mansukh Hiren's death, including former encounter specialist police officer Pradeep Sharma and Assistant Police Inspector Sachin Waze.

On February 25 this year, an SUV with gelatin sticks was found at Carmichael Road, near the residence of Mukesh Ambani. The car belonged to Mansukh Hiren whose body was later found in the Kalwa creek in Thane.

Sachin Waze has been named as the prime conspirator in the case of planting the explosives and the subsequent murder of Mansukh Hiren. Mr Waze was known to be close to Param Bir Singh and had direct access to him despite being just an Assistant Police Inspector.