European Travellers Want More Information About The Lifting Of The US Travel Ban

Little is known about how the travel ban on vaccinated travellers from 33 foreign countries, including the 26 Schengen Area countries, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, will be lifted half a month after the US administration indicated it would do so.

European Travellers Want More Information About The Lifting Of The US Travel Ban
European Travellers Want More Information About The Lifting Of The US Travel Ban

Even though the US government stated that only vaccinated travellers would be allowed to enter, while those who are not vaccinated would be barred, dozens of issues remain unanswered after more than two weeks. For example, while the White House said that the entry ban would be removed in early November, it is still unknown the exact date when the ban is expected to be removed. Twitter users who plan on travelling to the US as soon as the ban is removed have raised the issue asking for an exact date when that will happen.

“Yes, but we need a date because some of us have had tickets for November for months ago and we need to know if we should cancel tickets or not. It’s October 1. It’s time for an exact date,” a Twitter user under the handler @GadaRodriguez wrote.

Others have raised the problem of COVID-19 vaccines that will be accepted by the US as acceptable proof of immunity, even though the US has not approved the AstraZeneca vaccine and its formulations, which has been used by many EU and UK citizens. 

“I am an American who lives in France. I intend to visit my family in the United States soon. I did, however, have the AstraZeneca vaccine. Will it be recognised?” a Twitter user named Rochelle Martin wondered in response to the EU Commission's news that the US entrance ban will be lifted. Jean Cassegrain, another user, has also remarked on the same topic.

“Let’s make sure now that any vaccination recognised as fully completed in the EU is also recognised as such in the US (as opposed to the UK, which still does not recognise one-dose schemes or two doses of different vaccines),” Cassegrain wrote on September 20, under the same post.

While the UK has now begun to recognise travellers who have taken two separate vaccines as completely immunised, it is unclear which vaccines will be recognised by the US for entry into its country. 

A representative for the EU Commission said in a press release on September 21 that the US is expected to recognise all vaccinations certified by the EMA as valid for travel, including the AstraZeneca vaccine. The latter has yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. 

Travellers who have just recovered from the virus but have not yet been inoculated have also inquired about being excused from the entry prohibition. All of these inquiries are expected to be answered by the US administration by the end of October, though the exact date is unknown. 

Earlier today, noted that, despite the US announcement to lift the entry prohibition, the US Department of State presently warns against travel to nearly half of the EU/Schengen Area nations, after the same's October 4 Level 4 advisory against Croatia, Austria, and Latvia.