Chief Economic Adviser Resigns, Stating That He 'Will Return To Academia'

KV Subramanian, the Chief Economic Adviser, tweeted, "I have opted to return to academia following the completion of my 3-year gratifying service."

Chief Economic Adviser Resigns, Stating That He 'Will Return To Academia'
Chief Economic Adviser Resigns, Stating That He 'Will Return To Academia'

After a three-year term as Chief Economic Adviser, KV Subramanian will return to academia next month. "Following the completion of my three-year rewarding tenure, I have decided to return to academia. Serving the country has been a tremendous honour. I've received a lot of help and encouragement "Mr Subramanian sent out a tweet.

"To get an opportunity to serve one's nation is an absolute privilege. Each day that I have walked into North Block I have reminded myself of this privilege while endeavouring my best to do justice to the responsibility that comes with the privilege," Mr Subramanian said in a statement that he tweeted.

"I have received tremendous encouragement and support from within the government and have been fortunate to enjoy a warm relationship with senior functionaries. In close to three decades of my professional life, I am yet to encounter a more inspiring leader than the Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji," Mr Subramanian said. "His intuitive understanding of economic policy combines with an unmistakable determination to use the same to elevate the lives of common citizens."

Prime Minister Modi wished Mr Subramanian the best of luck in his future endeavours on Twitter. 

Mr Subramanian also complimented Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister, for her "input" on crucial issues, which he described as "as committed as her support." "Madam's sense of humour and easy attitude play a crucial part in permitting a robust dialogue that is so important amidst epochal change in the quarterly meetings at North Block," the Chief Economic Adviser stated.

"India is witnessing dramatic change. After all, as my late father had dreamt and worked so hard for, a person who was the first ever in his entire clan to step into the hallowed portals of a university gets the honour to serve the nation. Such an opportunity to 'Live the Indian Dream' manifests under a leader who takes equal pride in his humble origins. That such a savant comes away genuinely admiring the leader symbolises an India where meritocracy is in and entitlement is out. To be at the helm during such a time of spectacular change is an incredible honour that I will cherish forever," Mr Subramanian said.