Bharti Singh, A Comedian, Reveals How She Lost 16 Kilogrammes In Ten Months

Bharti Singh, a comedian, shed 16 kilogrammes in ten months. She opened out about her weight loss struggle in an exclusive interview with Food.

Bharti Singh, A Comedian, Reveals How She Lost 16 Kilogrammes In Ten Months
Bharti Singh, A Comedian, Reveals How She Lost 16 Kilogrammes In Ten Months

Bharti Singh, a comedian, has been making headlines for her incredible weight loss. She's shed 16 kg in ten months, and her post-weight-loss photos have wowed her fans. To reach this goal, Bharti Singh adhered to a rigid diet and a set of unbreakable regulations. She discussed her weight loss regimen, the diet she followed, her plans, and what motivated her to get fit and healthy in an exclusive interview with Food.

Bharti Singh admitted that she has been overweight since she was a child. She said that this was her first attempt at weight loss and that she had been mostly successful thanks to the intermittent diet. Her motivation, however, was never to reduce weight, but rather to improve her health. 

"My goal was never to lose weight or become skinny. I started this diet solely to lose weight. I was borderline diabetic, and I realised during the Covid second wave that I couldn't perform my own work because I'd run out of breath "In an honest talk, she said. Bharti's husband, producer Haarsh Limbachiyaa, advised her to attempt intermittent fasting at this point. As a result, Bharti would avoid eating anything after 7 p.m. and only eat the next day after midday. She claims that the diet was historically significant and was followed by our forefathers and farmers, which is why it works on us as well. This allows the body to repair on its own without having to focus on digestion throughout the day. 

But no diet is easy, and even Bharti Singh struggled with hers. "Initially, I had a lot of issues in the first 10-15 days. I'd get up in the middle of the night and eat Maggi or leftover supper vegetables. However, things gradually became more normal "she stated

Was there a specific diet that Bharti followed? The comedian claims that she ate her typical food but only for the allotted 8 hours. "I didn't follow any particular diet; instead, I fasted for 15-16 hours and ate only handmade foods like as paranthas, chai, eggs, sabzi, and Kadhi-Chawal. Paranthe hamari shaan hain, I am from a Punjabi household. I never eat anything fancy, and I never eat anything after 7 p.m. My body, in fact, has stopped absorbing meals at inopportune times."

Talking about the jokes and comedy she would do with her weight as the subject, she says, "Comedy didn't necessarily stem from my weight. Now, I will tease others by saying that you couldn't lose weight, but I did." She also said her husband Haarsh has helped her a lot on this journey and supported her in many ways. "He tells me that don't become extremely thin, but stay fit. And we may be planning to have a baby very soon so I need to be healthy for that too," she said.

At the end of the day, Bharti Singh is a firm believer in eating at the appropriate times and allowing the body to repair itself. Before adopting any severe dietary changes, however, you should see a doctor or a trained nutritionist.