Aryan Khan Has Applied For Bail, And The Mumbai Court Will Make A Decision Tomorrow

Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan's son, has been placed in judicial custody after being arrested in connection with a rave party aboard a cruise liner.

Aryan Khan Has Applied For Bail, And The Mumbai Court Will Make A Decision Tomorrow
Aryan Khan Has Applied For Bail, And The Mumbai Court Will Make A Decision Tomorrow

According to a Mumbai court, Aryan Khan, the son of megastar Shah Rukh Khan, who was detained in a case involving a rave party on a cruise ship, would no longer be in the custody of the drugs control agency and will instead be housed in the jail. The seven other defendants, including his pal Arbaaz Merchant, were given similar orders. "I am of the view that no custodial interrogation is required as sufficient time was given," the judge said. Within minutes, Aryan Khan's lawyer moved a petition for bail, which will be heard tomorrow.

However, because the transfer hours for the jail have passed and the obligatory Covid test has not been completed, the 23-year-old and the other accused will spend the night at the offices of the drugs control agency. Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were not in court. They will, however, be able to meet him now that the court has authorised family visits to the agency's headquarters. 

After a raid on a cruise ship sailing from Mumbai to Goa on Saturday, Aryan Khan was apprehended. So far, 16 people have been arrested, including those who assisted in the event's planning. Even though no drugs were found on him, the Narcotics Control Bureau said in its request for an extension of his custody, which ends today, that his WhatsApp discussions implied international drug cartel involvement and warranted more investigation. 

The agency claimed in court that Aryan Khan must also face a couple of persons who have been arrested, referring to Archit Kumar, who was arrested based on Aryan Khan's confession yesterday. The court stated, "We cannot examine what took the investigating team so long to arrest the accused with whom they need to be addressed." 

According to the agency, Archit Kumar was the one who supplied him with drugs, and payment for drugs was negotiated in WhatsApp discussions between Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant, and Munmun Dhamecha. "Police custody of an accused without a good reason would be a violation of fundamental rights," the court said, adding that the accused cannot be brought to the investigative agency's custody on "vague grounds." 

Satish Manshinde, Aryan Khan's lawyer, argued that no narcotics were found on him and that he cannot be held liable for seizures taken from others. However, Anil Singh, the Additional Solicitor General, had maintained that the case "must be looked at in its entirety."

Aryan Khan also contended that his WhatsApp chats did not contain anything incriminating. One of his chats with Archit Kumar was about football, he had said.

Regarding extension of custody to confront Aryan Khan with Archit Kumar, Mr Manshinde said, "Archit is the only one -- They could have confronted me today. People who are put in judicial custody can also be confronted when required. They did not confront me for two nights. Nothing was done as far as I am concerned". Comments To this, the agency responded that the arrest was made yesterday, drawing the admonition from the court.

10 Arguments Made By Aryan Khan In Court For Bail: Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan, today argued the NCB's reason for extending his custody - so they could confront him with others arrested after the anti-drug agency's raid - was invalid because "confrontation cannot be grounds for custody". The bail application of Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan will be heard tomorrow at 11 am in a drugs bust case. The Narcotics Control Bureau or NCB said it needed custody extension of Aryan Khan so they could confront him with other accused. 

Here are the 10 arguments made by Aryan Khan in court:

  1. Confrontation cannot be grounds for custody.
  2. There is a series of chats between me and Pratik Gaba but it does not refer to any rave party, they are investigating a rave party.
  3. I have no connection with the organisers, Arbaaz is a friend but I am not connected with his activities.
  4. Based on what they found on my mobile they arrested me.
  5. Why is custodial interrogation is necessary? They could have confronted me today.
  6. People who are put in judicial custody can also be confronted when required.
  7. Nothing was done as far as I am concerned.
  8. They did not confront me for two nights. I have no complaints, why will I not cooperate with them.
  9. Yesterday after they arrested him (Achit Kumar), they could have confronted him with Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant. NCB is well equipped, they have more than 100 officers.
  10. How long does it take them to download chats? Tomtomming from the rooftops does not make it a conspiracy. Chats (with Achit Kumar) are about football and football does not contain any drugs.