AAP Leader Is Slammed For Rakhi Sawant Remark

Navjot Sidhu had insulted Mr Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party (in power in Delhi) in a tweet, and Raghav Chadha was reacting.

AAP Leader Is Slammed For Rakhi Sawant Remark
AAP Leader Is Slammed For Rakhi Sawant Remark

Raghav Chadha of the AAP has sparked uproar online by referring to Punjab Congress president Navjot Sidhu as "the Rakhi Sawant" of the state's politics in a tweet. Outraged Twitter users have blasted Mr Chadha for his "despicable misogyny" and demanded that he apologise to Ms Sawant.

Mr Chadha's misogynistic and insulting remark came after Mr Sidhu today mocked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's government's notification (in December last year) of one of the three disputed agriculture legislation at the federal level. 

"Navjot Singh Sidhu, the Rakhi Sawant of Punjab politics, has received a spanking from (the) Congress high command for his non-stop tirade against Capt. (Chief Minister Amarinder Singh)... so today, for a change, he went after Arvind Kejriwal," Raghav Chadha tweeted. 

"Wait till tomorrow, for he'll resume his vehement diatribe against Capt."
"They claim man evolved from the apes and the monkeys," Mr Sidhu responded quickly, "Looking at your thoughts Raghav Chadha... I believe you are still descending." "You still haven't addressed my query regarding notifying the farm laws..." he reminded Mr Chadha. 

Mr Chadha's tweet has been widely panned, possibly as a precursor to more outlandish verbal spats between the AAP and the Congress as they (together with the BJP and the Akali Dal) prepare for next year's election. 
Former AAP member Alka Lamba, who is now a member of the Congress, was among those who reacted; Ms Lamba said the remark demonstrated the AAP's attitude, which she linked to the RSS's thinking.

Mr Sidhu's attack came a day after he trained his guns at Akali Dal chief Sukhbir Badal, accusing him, his party and his family of laying the groundwork for the farm laws.

Mr Kejriwal and his government garnered widespread criticism after notifying one of the centre's three legislation and claiming that the other two were "under study" in December of last year. The AAP maintained that the announcement permitted farmers to sell at any market they wanted; sales of farm products were deregulated in Delhi years ago, and the same could be done for food grains. 

Political opponents quickly accused the party and Mr Kejriwal of double standards, claiming that the party and Mr Kejriwal had publicly supported farmers in their protests; one of the farmers' main concerns has been that new regulations will effectively dismantle the mandi, or wholesale, markets. The notification also triggered a war of words with Amarinder Singh, who accused Mr Kejriwal and the AAP of having "no shame". The AAP hit back by declaring Mr Singh had colluded with the BJP.